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Ghida Barakat


Ghida is a highly skilled and compassionate professional who is dedicated to helping families navigate the challenges of early parenthood. With a background as an Early Intervention Specialist, she has a deep understanding of child development and the unique needs of infants and toddlers.

As a Gentle Sleep Coach, Ghida empowers families to establish loving and effective sleep routines that promote optimal rest for the entire family. One of her key strengths lies in her ability to design personalised sleep plans tailored to each family’s specific needs and parenting style, taking into consideration the individual dynamics, values, and preferences of each household.

In addition to sleep coaching, Ghida also supports expecting parents for the challenges and joys of the first twelve weeks after childbirth. Through compassionate support, she helps expecting parents be prepared emotionally, mentally, and physically for the arrival of their baby.

  • Early intervention specialist
  • Specialises in designing personalised sleep plans
  • Supports in helping expecting parents to get prepared emotionally, mentally and physically
  • Specialises in supporting expecting parents for the challenges and joys of the first 12 weeks after childbirth

  • Oct 2023 – Present | Dr. Helena Taylor Clinic, Dubai