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NABIDH Initiative

We're a part of NABIDH initiative by DHA

Unifying digital health records across different DHA registered healthcare practitioners
Nabidh Initiative

How does NABIDH help patients?


While returning from work, Omar is in a car accident. An ambulance brings an unconscious Omar to Clinic A

- Emirates ID helps identify Omar - Easy access to health information during a medical emergency


Omar being a new patient at Clinic A, the ER doctor uses emergency access to view Omar’s full medical history on NABIDH

- 360° view of Omar’s medical history and current medications


The ER doctor diagnoses Omar with a left ankle fracture and schedules an orthopaedic surgery. The physician also notices that Omar had a surgery 2 years back

NABIDH has all the information from various facilities unified under one record and updated near real-time. The report from this ER is also updated automatically on to NABIDH


Post-surgery, the discharge summary, medications and the lab results are all available on the NABIDH Clinical

- Physicians can make a more accurate diagnosis as the complete health record is available on NABIDH


During the post-discharge appointment, Omar complains of blurry vision. The doctor notices the lens of Omar’s eye looks cloudy and refers him to an Ophthalmologist at Clinic C

The doctor’s referral notes in NABIDH are easily accessible.


The Ophthalmologist conducts a full eye exam and retrieves the lab test results on NABIDH from Omar’s recent treatment at Clinic A. She recommends Omar for cataract surgery to replace the cloudy lens with a clear artificial one

- Saves the patient time and money to repeat tests - Retinal exam is available for diabetes care


Omar’s information helps the Dubai Health Authority analyse the diabetes upward trend. The team extracts a list of diabetic patients and administers a customised preventative program

- Continuous coordinated care across private and public health domains - Cohort population health management initiatives - Chronic disease management trending