Dr. Helena Taylor Clinic

Marin Kitamura


Marin completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in the USA. She has a strong background in orthopedics and post-op surgical cases and is also a certified yoga instructor.

She treats men and women who suffer with pelvic and sexual pain and erectile dysfunction as well as all pre and post natal cases.

She integrates mind-body awareness with a mindfulness component taught through yoga integration with her practice, her holistic approach means that patients can relax and get the most from their sessions.

  • Pelvic pain for both men & women
  • Sexual pain (vaginismus, vulvo/vestibulodynia, dyspareunia)
  • Stress/urge/mixed incontinence, urinary frequency
  • Tailbone pain
  • Period pain
  • Pregnancy/postpartum physiotherapy
  • Constipation
  • Urinary, bowel, pelvic pain related issues for both men & women
  • Post-op issues (prostatectomy, hysterectomy, tummy tuck, c-section, endometrial ablation, etc.)

  • Nov 2023 – Present | Physiotherapist, Dr. Helena Taylor Clinic, Dubai
  • Mar 2023 – Jun 2023 | Physical Therapist, Luna Care Inc., Sacramento
  • Aug 2021 – Dec 2022 | Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Sarton Physical Therapy Inc., Tustin