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Yoga Pilates and Abdominal Rehabilitation

Yoga, Pilates and Abdominal Rehabilitation

At Dr. Helena Taylor clinic, we prioritise the physical health and well-being of expectant and new mothers by offering a specialised department focused on yoga, pilates, and personal training. Our team consists of Dubai’s leading experts in women’s health.

beyond traditional fitness

creating a nurturing environment

Focusing on overall wellness, fitness, and abdominal rehabilitation made to meet the unique needs of pregnancy, our department offers both group and private classes.



Customised physical exercises such as Yoga and Pilates are highly recommended throughout the 9 months of pregnancy and the 18-month postpartum window. These exercises help prevent pelvic and abdominal complications.



Our approach goes beyond traditional fitness. We believe in creating a nurturing environment where women can reconnect with themselves while building connections with other fellow patients. 


We create a joyful and healthy atmosphere where exercise does not seem to be monotonous. Through shared experiences and learning, we address changes and injuries that may arise, ensuring every woman receives personalised care.

Our Flagship Service

Abdominal Rehabilitation Program

Our outstanding instructors are passionate Yoga experts, anatomy geeks, Pilates instructors, and core experts. Their programs are suitable and highly recommended for women before, during, and after pregnancy to optimise their recovery and maintain overall health.



We offer practical workshops for expecting/pregnant women.


We have an exceptional and must-attend abdominal rehabilitation program, that includes:

Proven to:

Abdominal Rehabilitation


Pre-Natal Pilates:

Post-Natal Pilates:



Pre-Natal Yoga:

Post-Natal Yoga:


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This department is a leading division in the clinic at the heart of our wellbeing concept to get you fit and healthy again.


This department is a leading division in the clinic at the heart of our wellbeing concept to get you fit and healthy again.

Post-natal Support

Our clinic is one of its own in the country to provide extensive antenatal and postnatal support to mums.