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Maternity Support

Maternity Support

Encouraging and Aiding Expectant Mothers Every Step of Their Way

Comprehensive Care

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Pregnancy is a transformative journey that involves Mental and Physical changes. These changes can at times be a reason for worry for many women.


The maternity care and support at Dr. Helena Taylor’s clinic are provided by a group of specialised experts such as Midwives, osteopaths, and physiotherapists who are here to prepare pregnant couples for the delivery with unique holistic approaches to the well-being of the mother, Father, and child.


Our clinic aims to be one of the centers of excellence that responds to the unique maternity needs of a Woman. Pregnancy can be a challenging period to many of us and it needs medical assistance and emotional support. Therefore, our main objective is to make your pregnancy as smooth as possible.


Therefore, this makes the clinic one of the Best Maternity support clinics in Dubai. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Our Flagship Service

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are conducted by our midwife (Mia) who is here to ensure you are feeling fully prepared for the labor. She supports the patient emotionally and physically through any concerns that you might have, assisting you to go into labor with peace of mind and a healthy body.

A fully prepared and educated labor goes much smoother than a “learn as you go labor”. From breathing techniques to soothing massages, we highly recommend our antenatal classes to make you feel relaxed, and prepared.

Our antenatal classes include both theory and practice with information related to:

Antenatal Classes

Birth Plan

Birth planning assists pregnant ladies and couples to make the birth of their baby as comforting as possible.  It provides an environment where you will review and discuss childbirth expectations such as delivery methods, caesarians, water birth delivery, pain relief, baby care, etc.

Birth Plan

Tummy & Skin Care

Tummy and skin care during pregnancy is highly recommended to help reduce stretch marks.

Our signature tummy facials are 100% safe during pregnancy and the `facial-like` treatments are a pampering and nourishing experience for the tummy of expecting mothers.

The process includes a gentle exfoliation and a high concentration of barrier repair oils to maximise skin strength, moisturise, increase elasticity, and relieve dryness, discomfort, and itchiness

Tummy and Skincare during pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage* not only pampers the mother but also features many benefits which include:

*Note: Not recommended in the first trimester

Pregnancy Massage

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Our doctors and therapists are available to talk with you about our wide range of services and make sure you receive everything you need in one location if you are searching for Internationally trained experts in women’s health, maternity, wellbeing, and beauty.

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This department is a leading division in the clinic at the heart of our wellbeing concept to get you fit and healthy again.


This department is a leading division in the clinic at the heart of our wellbeing concept to get you fit and healthy again.

Yoga, Pilates & Abdominal Rehabilitation

We place physical health and fitness at the core of our maternity and post natal support.