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Paediatric Neuropsychology

Paediatric Neuropsychology

We treat patients with neurodevelopmental differences. This may include concerns related to a child’s development, behavior, attention, learning, social interactions, emotional growth, etc.

Comprehensive Care

Supporting children and young individuals during their tough times

This department deals with providing help and support for young people who may be going through tough times or facing challenges in their lives. These services are custom-made to understand how the brain and body of Children and Adolescents work. Doctors help kids and young adults to deal with and manage their mental health and behavior.


Our Doctors are well-trained and come with great experience in this field. They use unique techniques to talk and play with children to figure out what might be bothering them. They offer guidance to improve mental health and help children to lead happier and healthier lives.

Our Flagship Service

Paediatric Neuropsychology Care

Our Psychological and Neuropsychological care will help parents, educators, and healthcare professionals in:

Paediatric Neuropsychological Care

Psychological Support & Interventions

Family Planning

School Services

School Paediatric Services

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Due to an increased demand from our mothers we have taken steps to provide a center of care for the whole family.

Post-natal Support

Our clinic is one of its own in the country to provide extensive antenatal and postnatal support to mums. 


This department is a leading division in the clinic at the heart of our wellbeing concept to get you fit and healthy again.