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Post Natal Support

Post-Natal Support

Post-natal support and care is vital to a healthy and speedy recovery and involves getting proper rest, care, nutrition, and vaginal care.  The unique combination of post-natal services and therapies curated by Dr. Helena Taylor has been designed to help women regain their confidence back and restore their physical and emotional health after delivery

Comprehensive Care

Supporting new moms in their transformative journey

Our clinic is one of the best Post-Natal Clinics in Dubai which provides extensive antenatal and postnatal support to mums. The standard medical system tends to oversee mums’ emotional and physical needs after delivery, and this is where our outstanding team comes in. We focus equally on the Post-Natal treatment for the mothers as their body is healing and needs medical assistance.


We have a range of services and therapies that help new moms to stay healthy and stress-free. There is a transformation that every woman goes through after childbirth and a supporting team of Doctors can help this process smoother and hassle-free.


It’s never late to start your post-natal rehab. 9 months of pregnancy, Labour, and Childbirth change your body and physical activities completely. Hence, there is an utmost need for Women to take care of their bodies and physical health post-birth. Hence, you are never late to start your rehabilitation. Go for it!

Our Flagship Service

Post Natal Physiotherapy

The post-natal physiotherapy team addresses concerns such as:

Post Natal Physiotherapy

Post Natal Osteopathy

Helping new mums and dads relieve the tension and helping newborn babies with conditions such as:


Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding is a unique experience between mum and baby which should be as soothing as possible. When this does not happen as planned, our midwife is here to support you physically and emotionally to ensure you can get the most out of this experience. Our tips and experience can make a huge difference to this process and ensure your baby gets optimal nutrition from the mother.

Guide to Breastfeeding

Exercise & Wellbeing Classes

Getting back into shape and maintaining (or starting) an exercise routine is an essential part of the post-partum recovery. Women after delivery go through a lot of emotional and physical changes, and might lose motivation to take care of their bodies once they have entered motherhood.


We have recently incorporated holistic yoga and pilates classes which are specially tailored towards the needs of women during or after pregnancy. Our leading instructors are here to help you regain confidence in your body, and peace in your mind.

Women Health Rehabilitation

Emotional Support for Parents

At Dr. Helena Taylor clinic we believe that when you feel good in your body, you feel good in your mind. Our various physical therapies and classes are an essential part of the support we provide for the parents.


Our team of specialists and Doctors are available to support you emotionally as well. They patiently listen to your issues and provide the best Emotional support to the new parents. Parenthood can seem easy but needs support initially.

Emotional Support for Parents

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Our doctors and therapists are available to talk with you about our wide range of services and make sure you receive everything you need in one location if you are searching for Internationally trained experts in women’s health, maternity, wellbeing, and beauty.

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Due to an increased demand from our mothers we have taken steps to provide a center of care for the whole family.

Maternity Support

Pregnancy is a transformative journey which can bring various worries and needs to pregnant women.


This department is a leading division in the clinic at the heart of our wellbeing concept to get you fit and healthy again.